Dana's Grandmothers

Dana's Maternal Grandmother.

Though her legal name was Wilma, at age three the nickname Tooter caught on. It wasn't until she was well into her 80s that Dana finally heard someone call her Wilma. Tooter was a mother to seven children and Dana was her first born grand-child. 


Tooter's Mother

Dana's Maternal Great Grandmother.

Tillaye's real name was Matilda; however, she didn't care for it. So, she changed it to Tillaye and created her own spelling as well, as she didn't care for the common spelling of 'Tillie' at the time. 


Both Tooter & Tillaye worked retail outside of the home. Additionally, when they passed away, they were both buried on Dana's birthday, Jan 18th, 35 years apart.

Erma is Dana's Paternal Grandmother.

Erma was Dana's "Grandma Fox." Fox - which is what she went by - was a simple, lighthearted woman with a wonderful, silly laugh. Erma always had plants growing in her home. She taught Dana how to grow and keep them alive.  Although Erma didn't have a front porch during Dana's childhood, she imagines that Erma would have loved having one.

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